Spring 2K20 Special Offer

We always wait for this moment to arrive with such joy and high hopes… We could never have imagined that the world would be celebrating the arrival of spring in such a dramatic situation!
But we are Italians so we never give up; we are used to fighting, gritting our teeth, and continuing to believe in the beauty of our dreams. The Italians that can are still working, even remotely, to keep Italy open for business during this health emergency whilst we wait for when we can reopen the country with redoubled energy and our customary limitless passion!
That’s why we at International Service are still launching our annual SPRING SPECIAL OFFER; from today, 20th March, until 31st May we are offering 20% off all translations from English and German into Italian.
To access our special offer, just include “Spring Special Offer” in the subject field when sending us your request.

#distantimauniti #celafaremo

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