The Doctor’s Diary!

My father was a highly-regarded physician and put us in charge of managing his appointment book when he went on holiday every year: we made appointments, fielded phone calls and organised his practice, doing everything his patients needed while he was away.

This unique experience gave me the idea to offer our services to those seeking more than an impersonal answering service on a short-term or regular basis.


We are always happy to be of assistance and our office is fully equipped to offer a flexible, professional and welcoming service and keep your business running smoothly.


Are you without a secretary or is your staff off sick or on holiday? Are you going on a trip and want all your appointments booked upon your return? Do you need someone who can talk to your patients in a professional, courteous manner? In an increasingly “connected” world where call forwarding, answerphones and automatically generated emails simplify yet undeniably depersonalise our lives and business, we provide a more traditional approach. We offer a more personal touch, enabling patients to talk to a real person and enjoy service with a smile.

My father taught me many things, but the inestimable value of this approach for his patients is one lesson I have never forgotten. Now, with International Service, this service is available to everyone who needs it.


Please contact us for further information and a free quote.



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