30 years of hard work and smiles

A thirtieth anniversary is a major milestone for any company. For us at International Service it is also a moment for celebration, nostalgia and … taking stock!

So much has changed, and not just for International Service. Those who work in the communication industry know what we’re talking about: the world has changed so drastically over the past thirty years that it is barely recognisable! When we first set out on our adventure in 1987 computers were ‘gadgets’ for a privileged few. Not many of us even had a fax machine. Translations were done… by telephone and the typewriter was loved and despised in equal measures by translators.

Hours spent researching in the library. Never-ending phone calls with our native-speaker associates trying to pinpoint the perfect translation. Thousand of sheets of paper and mile upon mile of typewriter ribbons … “Only” thirty years have passed but it seems like forever!

Now with just one click we have the world at our fingertips, associates and clients in every corner of the globe and the feeling that everything is within your grasp.

One aspect that has never changed though is our determination to communicate with the highest quality service and good humour. Because here at International Service one thing that we can never be without is a smile. We love our work; our associates are also our friends and our clients partners with whom we share a part of our lives.

So on this special day, the thirtieth anniversary of International Service, I want to say THANK YOU!

Who knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain: we will continue to fight tooth and nail to stay on top, taking on an ever fiercer (and not always particularly fair…) competition but without ever compromising on quality or losing sight of our core values.



Barbara Allaria

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